The Blood Trail Trilogy is the collection of the first 3 stories of the series that has been released on Wattpad by NinjaBrook25 along with a few illustrations created by her. Being her second most popular work on Wattpad. There has also been some extras outside of the stories like different point of views, and the such like character descriptions. Also releasing a preview of Ruby's Journal.


Soaked in ScarletEdit

Covered in CrimsonEdit

Veiled in VermillionEdit


NinjaBrook25 has at first published it as an independant story of Soaked in Scarlet. But when thinking about the planned ending, she has decided that it was in no place of being a stand alone story. But due to "laziness" of adding more and more stories for the series, Brook has made it to be the whole series, only for it to contain the first three of the series, because, maybe it won't be such a good idea to drag it on too long.