Brookele (,full name is Brookele Taylor Stery,) is the heroine in Soaked in Scarlet. She has a younger brother named Ryan, and is known to have both of her parents alive.


Physical AppearenceEdit

Brookele has messy, but curly brown hair (that is actually softer than others would expect) and brown eyes. She wears a black sweater that has two white vertical lines on each sleeve. Around her neck is a silky black scarf. She wears loose navy jeans and black sneakers with white sole. Further into the story (Soaked in Scarlet), she gains some injuries (bandages wrapped around most of them) and one of the legs of her jeans is torn off.


Brookele is not the kind of person who would smile as much, she hates being treated like a child and called "cute". Though since Soaked in Scarlet is in her point of view (excluding extras), she is known to be hiding her fears and sadness from others. Further into Soaked in Scarlett, Brookele shows that she wants to die, but hides this from others and tries to not let these thoughts over power her. They however succeed in doing so because her sanity is lowering.

People call her a ninja, since she shows to always want to be one and is good at hiding. She does show to get angered by many causes and is known to love playing video games (since she often refrences the experience in the Telekis Mine to be something out of a "horror game").

Despite Brookele's aloof looking exterior, she has shown to be a very kind person and would do anything for the innocent and her friends.


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