Scarlett is a character which makes her first appearence during Soaked in Scarlet. She's a human replica created by the witch, Ruby, along with Damask, Rufous, and Vermeil.


Physical DesignEdit

Scarlett has brown hair in shoulder length that's usally in a low bun. Her eyes are in a somewhat deep red colour. Her clothing consists of a black brimless hat with a flat crown that has a red and black stripped ribbon tied around it. She wears a dress with red strapes and black frills with the top of the dress opening similiarly like a kimono that's red. Around the waist of the dress is a black and red stripped ribbon. The skirt of the dress is wavy and black excluding the frills that the top half has. She wears red fingerless gloves that reach slightly below her shoulders with the same black frills. Her tights are black and she has red high heels. 


Scarlett is a woman who shows to giggle a lot and shows to want others to suffer the same way as herself. She shows to go psychotic when she is becomes jealous of those who are not forced to be alone or not have their love taken away from them. But when she goes psycho, Scarlett becomes unable to control her own being, she kills or tortures others. However, despite all this Scarlett is able to show a smiling face and chooses to obey her superiors. She is however facing with her problems of feeling trapped and isolated. But feels powerless to rebel against others. So she chooses to hurt others. 

However, Scarlett later comes to terms with herself over the course of the series, helping the hero or heroine go against Ruby.


Other AppearencesEdit



Scarlett's creator, Ruby and Scarlett don't talk as much, but when they do talk, they mostly fight. This is caused by their clashing ideals and desires. However Scarlett does obey her master, she can't accept Ruby for putting her through terrible situations that scar her.


Damask and Scarlett do act like siblings, they get into fights a lot but do care for each other. But Scarlett does not appreciate his and Vermeil's teasing her just because she's younger. Since they view things differently, Damask and Scarlett may not agree with each other and tend to not want be near the other. 


Scarlett views Vermeil as an older sister. But due to their differed personalities (, Vermeil is the serious kind of woman, while Scarlett is mostly a cheerful one), they fight. Scarlett often questions their purpose and existense to Vermeil, because Vermeil has shown great intelligence. But Vermeil teases Scarlett due to being more emotionnal and younger.


Rufous and Scarlett are lovers and are both human replicas created by Ruby. They get along well and Rufous stands up for the weak-willed Scarlett. Going to the point that Rufous let's himself be tortured by Ruby to become nothing but a "floating torso mummy".