Soaked in Scarlet
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Author NinjaBrook25
Illustrator NinjaBrook25
Published on Wattpad
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Soaked in Scarlet is the first story of Blood Trail Trilogy, written by NinjaBrook25 (originally BrooklynStevens). This follows the main heroine, Brookele with her adventure in the Telekis Mine.


Spoiler Alert!
The following section contains spoilers. Please read with caution.



Soaked in Scarlet was meant to have the ending played out more differently. The final game for Brookele's survival was not meant to be implemented and Scarlett was meant to be human, making her past with the other antagonists nonexistant. This Telekis Mine wasn't at first created by Ruby and it wasn't made for a set. But NinjaBrook25 had decided that changes were to be made in order to change things up. Showing that the story can also lead to angst.